Note: This is my Ludum Dare 35 Compo submission (right after/within #LOWREZJAM 2016...)

Welcome to...

That's right, a shapeshifting pinball machine set up for a the perfect and bounciest dungeon crawling RPG experience!
Don't ask, I sure didn't!

Collect GOLD from barrels and crates.
Battle MONSTERS, then collect GOLD from their body.
Don't die...

You lose some HP every time the ball falls into the "pit trap" between the flippers, which also resets the dungeon/crate/monsters (but you keep the gold until you die).
Take the stairs to move up and down.
There is no real win state sadly, so just have fun or something :)

Anyway, it's my first Ludum Dare and first time trying physics 2D in Unity (nightmares of legend after that one!). It's short, probably bugged a bit, but still learned a lot and love the concept!

- Left and Right CONTROL keys (or Arrow keys) for the Flippers.
- SPACEBAR to shake stuff up. This is an important mechanic (also to get unstuck or something), it takes STAMINA (blue thing bottom right) which regends slowly.
- S to turn on/off the sound effects (AWESOME!)
- ESCAPE to return to the main menu.

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